Candle and Soap Fundraiser

Fundraiser Dates: October 17th to November 5th

Stop by the Valley Community Library to place your order for some amazing products! This fundraiser will help support the Library and a local business this fall!

For more information on pricing, please check out our Facebook event. 

Item pickup will be available in November and you will be contacted by the library when your order is ready.

Items will be offered in the following scents:

Pumpkin Brown Sugar- notes of fresh pumpkin, brown sugar, and sweet cinnamon


Baked Apple Cinnamon – notes of caramel drizzle, baked apple, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla


Pomegranate Fig- notes of pomegranate, fig, orange peel, rhubarb, and pear


Balsam + Fir- notes of balsam, fraser fir, oakmoss, cedarwood


Home for the Holidays- notes of orange, persimmon, ginger, pine


Christmas in the Valley- notes of holly berry, bayberry, winter pine


Peckville Christmas- notes of winter forest, eucalyptus, silver fir needle


For any questions, please email

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