Candle Lighting Memorial Service

Compassionate Friends Worldwide holds a worldwide candle lighting memorial service to unite family and friends to commemorate and honor the memory of all children gone too soon. A local event will be held at Abington Community Library hosted by Deede Rothenberg.

For additional information please feel free to contact Deede Rothenberg, 587-0208;

A candle lighting will be held on Sunday Dec. 11th, 7 pm at the Abington Community Library, 1200 West Grove Street, Clarks Summit, PA. Friends and families of those who have lost children, family or friends, along with various members of the local clergy, will again be lighting candles to honor and remember all who have died, of any age and from any cause, at any time in the past.

This free, community wide celebration is part of a worldwide event which creates a 24 hour wave of light across the globe to give all bereaved families and friends everywhere the opportunity to remember those who are no longer with us, so that their light may shine always. Please join us.

Our candle lighting event is being held in memory of all of our children, family members and friends who have died.  This is a community wide candle lighting program and will include music, interfaith prayers and a table of remembrance.  The loss of every child is a loss not just for the immediate family but for the entire community. We ask everyone in the community who has ever felt the loss of anyone, of any age, to come and participate.  The event will begin with registration of the names of those who were lost at 6:30 pm at the Abington Community Library with the lighting of the ceremonial candle promptly at 7:00 pm.  Everyone is asked to bring a flameless candle or glo stick, if possible, to participate in the candle lighting. After the candle lighting program we will have time for fellowship and remembrance.

You are also invited to bring pictures of your child or friend for our table of remembrance.  We will be reading the names of all children who have died during the program so we ask one member of each family or friend to register their child’s name at the beginning of the event so that we have a complete list of all names.  Remember, everyone has been someone’s child.  Anyone feeling the loss of a friend or loved one regardless of their age or when they died is invited to join us to honor their memory. Please support this community wide memorial event to honor and remember all of those who we miss during this holiday season.


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