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Learn a Foreign Language Month

Learn a Foreign Language Month encourages everyone to learn a new language since language learning has a variety of great benefits.

According to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, language learning supports academic achievement, improved reading abilities, linguistic awareness, and positive attitudes towards other cultures.

Here are a few of the resources available from the Lackawanna County Library System.

2,001 Most Useful Spanish Words by by Pablo Garcia Laoeza;qtype=subject;locg=331;detail_record_view=0;page=1

Short stories in Spanish: read for pleasure at your level and learn Spanish the fun way! by Olly Richards;qtype=subject;fi%3Asearch_format=book;locg=331;detail_record_view=0

Short stories in German for beginners: read for pleasure at your level and learn German the fun way  by Olly Richards;qtype=subject;fi%3Asearch_format=book;locg=331;detail_record_view=0

Barron’s English for foreign language speakers: the easy way  by Christina Lacie;qtype=subject;fi%3Asearch_format=book;locg=331;detail_record_view=0;page=1

Short stories in Danish: read for pleasure at your level and learn Danish the fun way!  by Olly Richards;qtype=subject;fi%3Asearch_format=book;locg=331;detail_record_view=0;page=2

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