Lexivore Podcast Episode 11 Children’s Literature

In Episode 11 of Lexivore, Renee and Megha are joined by two guests, local authors – Becky Loescher who writes children’s picture books and poetry, and Cindy Noonan who writes historical fiction for children. We discuss writing, publishing, and the writer’s group they are both members of, and then a few of their works – Cindy Noonan’s book Dark Enough to See the Stars and a poem by Becky Loescher called To Be or Not To Be, which is about writing, grammar rules, and writing mentors, and we also talk some about children’s literature.  We also include a brief mention of the topics for next episode, which will include a holiday gift giving guide and some recommendations for interesting eclectic nonfiction.

We hope you enjoy our podcast!  You can listen to it here!


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