North Pocono Public Library

1315 Church Street

Events at this location


julCruise Into Kindergarten: Grab & Go Edition

01jul11:00 am12:00 pmScience Buddies

02julAll DayTails and Tales Scavenger Hunt

02jul10:30 am11:00 amToddler Time

06julAll DayCrafty Kids Club

06jul10:30 am11:00 amPreschool Stories

06jul11:30 am12:30 pmKids Dig It

06jul3:00 pm4:00 pmTeen Tuesday

07jul11:00 am12:00 pmLet's Explore Your National Parks!

08jul11:00 am12:00 pmScience Buddies

09julAll DayTails and Tales Scavenger Hunt

09jul10:30 am11:00 amToddler Time

12julAll DayCrafty Kids Club

13jul10:30 am11:00 amPreschool Stories

13jul11:30 am12:30 pmKids Dig It

13jul3:00 pm4:00 pmTeen Tuesday

14jul11:00 am12:00 pmCloud Dough

14jul2:00 pm3:00 pmCloud Dough

15jul11:00 am12:00 pmScience Buddies

16julAll DayTails and Tales Scavenger Hunt

16jul10:30 am11:00 amToddler Time

19julAll DayCrafty Kids Club

20jul10:30 am11:00 amPreschool Stories

20jul11:30 am12:30 pmKids Dig It

20jul3:00 pm4:00 pmTeen Tuesday

21jul11:00 am12:00 pmCloud Dough

21jul2:00 pm3:00 pmCloud Dough

22jul11:00 am12:00 pmScience Buddies

23julAll DayTails and Tales Scavenger Hunt

23jul10:30 am11:00 amToddler Time

26julAll DayCrafty Kids Club

27jul10:30 am11:00 amPreschool Stories

27jul11:30 am12:30 pmKids Dig It

27jul3:00 pm4:00 pmTeen Tuesday

29jul11:00 am12:00 pmScience Buddies

30julAll DayTails and Tales Scavenger Hunt

30jul10:30 am11:00 amToddler Time


02augAll DayCrafty Kids Club

02aug11:00 am12:00 pmTie Dye T-Shirts

02aug2:00 pm3:00 pmTie Dye T-Shirts

03aug10:30 am11:00 amPreschool Stories

03aug11:30 am12:30 pmKids Dig It

03aug3:00 pm4:00 pmTeen Tuesday

04aug11:00 am12:00 pmTie Dye T-Shirts

04aug2:00 pm3:00 pmTie Dye T-Shirts

05aug11:00 am12:00 pmScience Buddies

06augAll DayTails and Tales Scavenger Hunt

06aug10:30 am11:00 amToddler Time

09augAll DayCrafty Kids Club

10aug10:30 am11:00 amPreschool Stories

10aug11:30 am12:30 pmKids Dig It

10aug3:00 pm4:00 pmTeen Tuesday

11aug11:00 am12:00 pmRocks & Minerals with the Everhart Museum

12aug11:00 am12:00 pmScience Buddies

13aug10:30 am11:00 amToddler Time

18aug6:30 pm8:00 pm“A Conversation with Franklin Delano Roosevelt”

19aug11:00 am12:00 pmScience Buddies