1000 Books Before Kindergarten

The Lackawanna County Library System presents 1000 Books Before Kindergarten.

What is 1000 Books Before Kindergarten?
1000 Books Before Kindergarten prepares your child for Kindergarten by promoting early literacy skills through reading.

Reaching 1000 books isn’t as hard as you think.
• By reading 3 books a day, you will reach 1095 books in one year.
• By reading 10 books a week for 2 years, you will reach 1040 books. That’s less than 2 books a day!

Program Overview

Goal: Help kids enter school ready to learn.

Who can participate?
Any child from birth until child enters Kindergarten.

How the Program Works:
1. Register at your local Lackawanna County Library System library to receive a welcome packet and your first reading log or sign up and log online via Beanstack at http://lclshome.beanstack.com.  You can still start participating by printing the logs below.

2. Record the books (in any language) you read together. Yes, you may repeat books! Books read at storytime count too.

3. When you finish your first 100 books, bring the completed log to the library, and pick up the next
log. Print logs below, and bring them to any LCLS library when we reopen.

4. Keep reading! The completion date is when your child enters Kindergarten.

5. When you reach 1000 books, bring your last log to the library to pick up the completion packet. Hold on to your logs until we reopen.

6. Don’t stop reading!!

Printable logs are below.

1000 Books Log 100

1000 Books Log 200

1000 Books Log 300

1000 Books Log 400

1000 Books Log 500

1000 Books Log 600

1000 Books Log 700

1000 Books Log 800

1000 Books Log 900

1000 Books Log 1000

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