About Carbondale Public Library


President: Martin L. Langan
Vice-President: Ruth A. Miley
Secretary: S. Robert Powell
Robert Bifano
Margie Cosgrove
Don McCarthy
Irma Schnessel
Robert F. Vandenberg
William R. Wallis
Ann Marie Warren


Marie Zaccone- Library Director- mzaccone@albright.org
Leigh-Ann Puchalski – Youth Services Librarian- lgiuliani@albright.org
Jessica Pratt – Genealogy &  Research Librarian- jpratt@albright.org


In the winter of 1872 -73, E. Francis, principal of schools, offered to donate a small sum of donations towards starting a public library or reading room.“The Young Men’s Library Association of Carbondale” is the oldest in Lackawanna County and proudly boasts that it is older than the New York City Public Library. In October 1996, a parcel of land on Main St. was donated by the City and the new modern Carbondale Public Library was erected at its current location.

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