About North Pocono Public Library


The North Pocono Public Library assumes as its primary mission the provision of books and other materials as well as services and programs to assist users of all ages in the pursuit of informational, educational, vocational, and recreational endeavors and the creative use of leisure time.

The library places a high priority on stimulating young children’s interest and appreciation for reading and learning, and on supporting students at many academic levels. For the promotion of literacy to a wide-ranging community, the library seeks to share in innovative links to electronic resources and to cooperate with other libraries for the benefit of all whom it serves.


Board Officers:
President, Donald P. Shiffer III
Vice-President, Mary Rable
Treasurer, Edward Steinmetz
Secretary, Mauri Kelly

Also on the Board:
June Ejk
John G. Carling
John J. Bonacci

Past President/Board Advisers
Ellen Fischer
Dorothy Magnotta
Terry Barrett
Barbara Noto



Library Director, Susan Jeffery, susanjeffery@albright.org
Circulation Supervisor, Cherilyn Shiffer, cshiffer@albright.org
The library phone number is 570-842-4700


The North Pocono Public Library was founded in 1985 and serves nine municipalities in the North Pocono area including: Moscow, Elmhurst, Madison Township, Roaring Brook

Township, Spring Brook Township, Thornhurst, Jefferson Township and Covington Township and Clifton Township. The library resided at its first location at 113 Van Brunt Street, Moscow, from 1985 to 2013. In the spring of 2013, the library moved to its current location at 1315 Church Street.

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