At the Library

Arlene VanWert
Children’s Outreach Coordinator
Lackawanna County Children’s Library
520 Vine Street
Scranton, PA 18509
570-348-3000 ext. 3015
Fax- 570-348-3020 attn: Arlene

Outreach Collection
Home-educating families, child care providers, and teachers are offered the choice of participating in our Outreach Collection. You provide the subjects or titles, and we will gather the materials for you. Collections can be picked up and kept for 4 weeks. Outreach Collection account holders are also welcome to come into the library and hand-select their collection from items on our shelves. Applications are at the library or click here to download a printable application.
Collections Include:
· Books
· Audio Books (CD and Playway)
· Music CDs
· Fiction and Non-Fiction DVDs
· Helping Children Cope Kits
· STEM Kits

Abington Community Library
Homeschoolers @ the Library runs monthly.

Carbondale Public Library
Home School programs run in October, November, and January – April.

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