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The Scranton Public Library has a podcast called Tales from the Albright. Tales from the Albright is a podcast by the Scranton Public Library designed to highlight the history and interesting stories found in our collections. With in depth research, interviews, and discussions, the podcast features a new topic every week. Previous topics have included the founding of the library, true crime stories from Scranton’s past, and book recommendations.

If you prefer to listen to Tales from the Albright on the go, please search for it on any major podcasting platform to listen to all of the episodes currently available.

Tales from the Albright · Tales from the Albright: All Episodes

Transcripts and References for Tales from the Albright starting with Episode 91 are linked below:

Episode 91: Guess the Movie, Part I
Episode 92: Guess the Movie, Part II
Episode 93: Multigenerational Discussion, Part I
Episode 94: Multigenerational Discussion, Part II
Episode 95: Romance Novel Covers – Transcript
Episode 95: Romance Novel Covers – References
Episode 96: Book Discussion: The Secret Service of Tea and Treason by India Holton
Episode 97: Guess the Book (Again)
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