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North Pocono Public Library Meeting Space

North Pocono Public Library Community Room Policy

The North Pocono Public Library assumes as its primary mission the provision of materials, services, and programs to assist users of all ages in the pursuit of informational, educational, vocational, and recreational endeavors and the creative use of leisure time. In support of this mission, the Library provides the use of its Community Room at its location of 1315 Church Street, Moscow, PA, 18444.

All meetings held in the Community Room must be free and open to the public. The North Pocono Public Library does not discriminate with regard to race, religion, sex, or political belief in making meeting space available to any person or group. Use of the Community Room by any group or organization does not constitute an endorsement by the Library of the policies, beliefs, and/or purposes of any group. The use of the Community Room shall be in accordance with the policies and procedures set by the Board of Trustees of the North Pocono Public Library.

There will be no entrepreneurial or commercial use of the Community Room. However, a for-profit organization may have a program if it offers to the public timely information presented by knowledgeable or skilled professionals. No fees can be charged or solicitations made by a for-profit organization or individual holding the program. Non-profit groups or organizations may charge for material fees, with permission from the Library Director.

Priority is given to meetings or programs of the Library Board of Trustees, Library-sponsored meetings or programs, and Library-related meetings or programs.

The North Pocono Public Library has first priority in the use of the Community Room. All other use of the Community Room will be on a first-come, first-served basis. No more than one (1) meeting per month by an organization or its subgroups may be scheduled on a regular basis. Recurring bookings may be scheduled on a three (3) month rolling period. A signed Community Room Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Library no later than fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting, unless otherwise specified by the Library Director. The application must be signed by an authorized representative of the group.

Permitted Used:
• Meetings of the North Pocono Public Library Board of Trustees, board committees, and North Pocono Public Library Friends’ board and committees. If any board needs to call executive session for matters of confidentiality, non-board members shall leave the Community Room until such time as the executive session is adjourned.
• Library-sponsored meetings or programs.
• Library-related meetings or programs.
• Local non-profit groups and organizations.
• Local business and for-profit groups for educational and training purposes.
• Meetings of county or township agencies, committees, and boards of local units of government.

Excluded Uses:
• Private social functions.
• Groups soliciting funds or selling products or services.
• Programs or gatherings that present a clear and present danger to the welfare of the participants, attendees, Library staff and patrons, and/or the community.
• Programs not suitable for the Library’s physical facilities or that would interfere with the Library’s work by causing excessive noise, safety hazard, security risk, etc.

• Use of the Community Room is free with confirmation by the North Pocono Public Library. Donations are always appreciated.
• The Community Room may be utilized by no more than ninety (90) people at one time.
• The Community Room shall not be used for fundraising other than fundraising solely for the financial benefit of the Library, unless specifically permitted by the Library Board of Trustees.
• Meetings may not begin before the Library is open.
• Meetings may not be held by outside groups on Sunday because the Library is closed.
• Meetings expected to end during Library hours must be concluded 15 minutes before closing time.
• Meetings may continue after the Library is closed if the following conditions are met:
o An authorized representative of the group who will be attending the meeting must make an appointment to come to the Library before the day of the meeting and learn the locking up procedure. A copy of the directions will also be provided the day of the meeting.
o An authorized representative of the group who will be attending the meeting must arrive at the Library before closing time to obtain the key and a copy of the locking up directions.
• The applicant and/or group leaders must be familiar with the provisions of the Community Room policy and emergency procedures.
• Chairs and tables are available for groups to set up for their needs. Kitchen facilities with a sink, refrigerator and microwave are available, but no supplies, food, or beverages are included.
• A large screen television, DVD player, projector, and projection screen are available in the Community Room. Equipment should only be operated by those who are familiar with how to use it properly. An appointment should be made if instructions are required.
• It is the responsibility of the applicant and/or the group to provide any necessary equipment if it is not available in the Community Room.
• The Community Room, kitchen area, restrooms, equipment, furniture, walls, doors, and floor covering must be left in the same condition they were found. Preparation and cleanup is the responsibility of the organization or group.
• The Library will actively pursue compensation for any damages to the Community Room, kitchenette, restrooms, equipment, furniture, walls, doors, and/or floor covering incurred during the program.
• If the Community Room requires professional cleaning after the meeting, a fee of $200 will be assessed against the organization and/or group and may result in future denial of meeting room requests.
• The Library staff is not at the disposal of the group.
• Meeting room attendees may not leave children unattended in the library.
• All equipment belonging to the group must be removed immediately at the conclusion of the program or event. No storage of the organization’s items or equipment is available before or after the meeting, except at the discretion of the Library Director.
• The North Pocono Public Library assumes no liability or responsibility for any accident or loss of personal property that might occur as a result of the use of the Community Room.
• The removal of Library property including furniture, equipment, and items affixed to the walls from the Library is prohibited.
• Smoking, use of controlled substances, and gambling are prohibited.
• Alcoholic beverages are prohibited except for Library sponsored functions with approval of the Board of Directors.
• Lighted candles or flames are prohibited. The only exception to this is the use of Sterno by caterers.
• Nothing may be attached to the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, windows, accordion sliding room divider or doors.
• The Library reserves the right to cancel any meeting or program if necessary at any time and will not be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of such cancellation. The organization’s contact person will be notified by the Library 48 hours in advance, if possible. It is the responsibility of the organization to notify attendees of the cancellation.
• In the event that the Library closes due to an emergency or inclement weather, use of the Community Room is automatically cancelled.
• If an organization cancels its event or meeting, the Library must be notified in advance.
• Meetings must comply with any federal, state, or local law.
• Failure to comply with this policy may result in denial of future use of the Community Room, financial liability for damages, and/or removal from the Community Room.

Hold Harmless
For and in consideration of the use of the meeting space and Library facilities, any person or group using same hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the North Pocono Public Library from any and all actions, suits, relating to its use of such rooms and facilities. Further, such person or group agrees to reimburse the Library for any and all costs for repair of any and all damage as may be caused directly or indirectly to the Community Room and/or facilities by such use thereof. If any organization refuses to pay for the damage, the matter will be referred to the Library Solicitor for legal action.

Appeal and Review
The Board of Trustees of the North Pocono Public Library will review the Community Room policy and regulations periodically, and reserves the right to amend them at any time. The Board authorizes the Library Director to waive regulations under appropriate circumstances.
Any appeals for changes in, or exceptions to, any portion of the Community Room policy will be considered. An individual or organization wishing to file an appeal shall submit it to the Library Director in writing. The Library Director will respond in writing. If the individual or organization feels that the response is unsatisfactory, they may submit a written request for consideration by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will review the request and notify the organization or individual of their decision in writing. The Board’s decision is final.

Downloadable North Pocono Public Library Community Room Policy

Downloadable North Pocono Public Library Community Room Application

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