Parents and Teachers of Kids

Most libraries in the Lackawanna County Library System have parenting collections, as well as helpful books in our general collections.

The Lackawanna County Children’s Library also has a Parent’s Room with various resources.

Lackawanna County Children’s Library Teacher Resources

  • Outreach Collection
    Home-educating families, child care providers, and teachers are offered the choice of participating in our Outreach Collection. You provide the subjects or titles, and we will gather the materials for you. Collections can be picked up and kept for 4 weeks. Outreach Collection Account holders are also welcome to come into the library and hand-select their collection from items on our shelves. Applications are at the library, or click here to download to print out.
    Collections Include:
    · Books
    · Audio Books ( CD and Playaway)
    · Music CDs
    · Fiction and Non-Fiction DVDs
    · Helping Children Cope Kits
    · Magazines
    · Discovery Kits
  • Contact
    Arlene Newmann, Children’s Outreach Coordinator
    Lackawanna County Children’s Library
    520 Vine Street
    Scranton, PA 18509
    570-348-3000 ext. 3015
    Fax- 570-348-3020 attn: Arlene

Health Resources

  • Choose My Plate
    A guide to help you make smart food choices from the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP), an organization of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • Family Education
    Includes parenting advice, activities for children, school and learning, and family games and recipes.
  • Healthy Children
    From the American Academy of Pediatrics. The link will take you to the Communication & Discipline page, but the website provides information on many health issues.
  • Kids Health from Nemours
    Not only provides facts about health, but “also provides families with perspective, advice, and comfort about a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that affect children and teens. Information covers birth – teens.
  • Mayo Clinic: Healthy Lifestyle
    Information throughout life stages: Pregnancy, Children (Infant and Toddlers, Children, Tween and Teen), and Adults. After choosing an age category click on the In-Depth tab for various topics ranging from Potty Training to Bullying to Stepfamilies and much more.

Learning Resources for Parents and Teachers

    • ABC Teach
      This website offers lessons and activities for teachers, including generating worksheets. Some of the features are offered free on the site, others require membership.
    • AR Bookfinder
      This website allows you to determine the accelerated reading points for books. There is also a section called “librarian picks” that provides a list of great books for all grade levels.
    • A to Z Teacherstuff
      This website provides free lesson plans and printables and includes games and resources for thematic units.
    • Discovery Education
      This website offers free k-12 resources for teachers in Science, English, Social Studies and Math. Resources include interactive games, lesson plans, worksheets and more!
    • DLTK-Kids
      Geared for Early Childhood Education Teachers includes many helpful resources, including craft ideas and activities for numerous themes.
    • ED Helper
      This website offers free printable worksheets and allows you to create your own word finds and puzzles. It includes resources for students in preschool through high school.
    • Enchanted Learning
      This website provides numerous printable worksheets, crafts, and activities for children in many subject areas. Many of the resources are free, but some require membership.
    • Everything Preschool
      This is an amazing site for teachers and parents of preschool children. It provides many themes and includes suggested book titles, craft ideas, coloring sheets, bulletin board ideas and games.
    • Family education
      Includes parenting advice, activities for children, school and learning, and family games and recipes.
    • Learning Disabilities Association of America
      Provides support, advocacy, resources and more for parents, educators, adults with learning disabilities, and professionals who serve individuals with learning disabilities.
    • PBS Learning Media
      PBS Learning Media is a great site that offers educational video clips to enhance your classroom, for grades preschool through 13+.
    • Pennsylvania Academic Standards
      This website provides the PA Academic Standards that are essential components to lesson planning. The website also offers materials and resources, including unit plans for teachers.
    • Pennsylvania Department of Education
      Pennsylvania Department of Education website provides teachers with the tools necessary for teacher certification, keeping track of Act 48 hours, and provides information on grants that are available through the state.
    • Read Aloud
      Encouraging every child (from birth) and every adult to read aloud every day.
    • Scholastic
      This website offers teachers, parents, and students a number of helpful resources, including lesson plans, interactive activities, printables, and suggested reading lists.
    • Teachhub:
      This website offers k-12 news, lessons and shared resources by teachers, for teachers.
    • Vroom:
      Did you know the first five years are when a child’s brain grows the fastest? Transforming Children’s Futures – a community-wide collaboration to improve third grade reading proficiency – is pleased to offer Vroom to help parents, caregivers, early learning providers and others with simple activities to help make everyday moments with children from 0-5 into brain building moments!
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