About Valley Community Library


The mission of Valley Community Library is to enlighten, encourage, enable, enrich, and entertain the residents of the Mid Valley community through library services and materials.


President: Donna Simpson
Vice-President: Terry Golecki
Treasurer: Genevieve Lupini
Secretary: Bailey L. Bevan
Board Member: Louis M. Margotta
Board Member: Michael J. Ossont, Esq.


Library Director: Michelle Georgetti, mgeorgetti@albright.org
Director of Youth Services: Liz Kluesner, lkluesner@albright.org
Inter Library Loan and Adult Services Clerk: Danielle Karwaski, dkarwaski@albright.org
Head of Circulation: Garren Levi, glevi@albright.org
Adult Programming Librarian: Kristen Wallo, kwallo@albright.org
Youth Services Clerk: Fawn Contreras, fcontreras@albright.org


The Valley Community Library (formerly Interboro-United Districts Library) opened on December 15, 1985, in the former Wilson Fire Company / Blakely Borough Building in Peckville, Pennsylvania. The Library acquired the entire building in November of 1986. In 2004, the Library moved to its new facility at 739 River Street. The Valley Community Library is one of the newest members of the Lackawanna County Library System, which was established in 1983.

Patron Behavior Policy

Everyone is welcome at the Valley Community Library and the staff looks forward to providing its patrons with great service. In return, the Library asks that patrons treat the library, its contents, the staff, and other patrons with respect. Failure to do so may result in the suspension or loss of Library privileges, expulsion, and/or legal action.

Patrons will refrain from any behavior that is illegal or disrupts or hinders the use of the library by other patrons, staff, and/or volunteers. Disruptive and prohibited behavior includes but is not limited to:

  • Physical, sexual, or verbal harassment of staff or library patrons
  • Eating or drinking at the public computers or in the Merli Room
  • Excessive noise including loud talking, loud audio equipment, and use of profanity
  • Viewing, in plain sight, materials which are inappropriate for the surroundings, including potential passersby
  • Smoking, vaping, use of controlled substances, tobacco, alcohol or other drugs
  • Leaving children unsupervised or uncontrolled
  • Sleeping
  • Petitioning, soliciting, or selling merchandise
  • Bringing skateboards, scooters, or roller blades inside the library
  • Animals other than non-disruptive, trained service animals
  • Engaging in any other activities that are inconsistent with those activities normally associated with the use of public library facilities. Acceptable library use includes reading, studying, attending programs, engaging in educational play, using a computer, and using library materials.

Staff reserves the right to determine what constitutes reasonably disruptive behavior in the library. Patrons may be asked to leave the library at any time. Staff also follows a 1 strike policy. If you are asked to stop engaging in an activity/behavior once and do not comply, you will be asked to leave the library for the remainder of that day.

All patrons have the right to submit appeals to the Library Board of Trustees within 15 days of an incident.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees,  December 2019

Printable Patron Behavior Policy

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