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Chuck E. Cheese Visits the Library


Here at the Abington Community Library, we had a special guest last week on Wednesday, March 11: Chuck E. Cheese! Chuck E. and his helper Colleen visited with kids and brought coloring sheets to hand out. Colleen and Miss Laura each read a picture book, and then Colleen answered some questions about Chuck E., like what his favorite food is: pizza! It was a fun afternoon and all had a great time getting to know Chuck E.

Reading a good book about mice, like The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Hungry Bear by Don Wood? Try this fun rhyme with your child:

Five Little Mice

Five little mice on the pantry floor,
This little mouse peeked behind the door.
This little mouse nibbled at the cake,
This little mouse not a sound did make.
This little mouse heard the kitten sneeze.
“Ah Choo,” sneezed the kitten,
And, “Squeak,” they all cried,
And they found a hole and ran inside.

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