Media Digitization & 3D Printing Services

Media Digitization

 The Scranton Public Library offers a service for patrons to have VHS tapes, 8mm reel film, slides, photographs, and other analog media converted to a digital format. This service is handled completely in-house: patrons drop off their media along with a USB flash drive for us to store the digital files on, and the conversion process is completed typically in 1-2 weeks using equipment that is only available to staff.  Patrons should schedule an appointment before dropping off their materials as their signature is required to complete the conversion. Please note that we are unable to convert any copywritten material, including feature films or television programs. You can view our policy regarding media digitization and the release form here.


Pricing for conversion is as follows:
VHS tapes:  $3 per 2 hours of recorded material
8mm film:  $4 per each 3-inch reel
Slides & Photographs: 15 cents each
USB flash drives for storage can be purchased at an additional cost. 


Please contact or 570-348-3000 x 3008 with any questions or for additional information.



3D Printing Service

The Scranton Public Library offers a 3D Printing service through its Technology Lab and in collaboration with its Maker Space program. The printer is maintained and operated by a member of the Digital Services staff. For a small cost, patrons may submit files to be printed using our machine. We are not currently able to design files to be printed from scratch. Patrons should locate the file they are interested in having made online and submit it for printing by email. Print jobs are limited to the size of the machine’s print bed, our ability to open and process files submitted for printing, and the available quantity and colors of filament stocked by the Technology Lab.


Currently available filament colors:

left side, top down: transparent, cotton white, forest green, lavender, fossil grey
right side, top down: red, black, fluorescent yellow, sapphire blue


View our full 3D Printing policy and pricing structure here. Please contact the Technology lab at or 570-348-3000 x 3038 with any questions or to submit a file for printing.


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