Family Holiday Traditions

Get excited for the holidays by participating in these fun activities in the days leading up to Christmas.

Try our ideas and think of some other ones on your own!

  1. Have a family game night.
  2. Put on your pajamas and drive through local neighborhoods at night to see the light displays.
  3. Have a picnic next to the Christmas tree.
  4. Gather up toys to donate to the Salvation Army.
  5. Have a “red and green” dinner and make food using these festive colors.
  6. Bake cookies and deliver them to your neighbors.
  7. Create a hot chocolate buffet, complete with toppings like whipped cream, crushed candy canes, and marshmallows.
  8. Make a card for a family member or friend and write something you appreciate about them.
  9. Check out some holiday books from the library to read together.
  10. Cover a pinecone with peanut butter and seeds and hang it outside for the birds.
  11. Watch a holiday movie together and enjoy some popcorn.
  12. Dress up and take cheesy family photos.
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