DIY FUN with the Teen Action Board

Albright’s Teen Action Board created DIY tote bags out of t-shirts last evening. In a few easy steps, everyone had tote bags ready to be filled with their favorite library books!

IMG_8372The first step is to cut the sleeves off of the t-shirt. Make sure there is enough fabric still on the shoulders of the t-shirt. The shoulders will turn into the tote handles. Next, cut the neckline of the shirt into a “U” shape.


When you have your sleeves and your neckline cut, turn the t-shirt inside out. Make sure the ends of the t-shirt are even then cut stripes going across the bottom of the shirt enough so you can double-knot the strips of fabric.


Tie the fabric strips into double-knots (think tie-blanket). Once all your strips are tied, turn the t-shirt right-side out and you’re done! Now it’s time to fill your t-shirt tote with the latest bestsellers from the library!


Join us next Tuesday at 6:00 to learn how to make an LED light pizza using e-Textiles!

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