Talking with Kids About Voting

Want to keep the discussion going with your kids about voting and elections in our country? Check out these books below, available at the Abington Community Library.

America Votes: How Our President is Elected by Linda Granfield & Steve Bjorkman. Location: JUV 324.6 GRANFIE

Civic Responsibilities by Karen Latchana Kenney. Location: 323.6 KENNEY

Eyewitness Vote by Philip Steele. Location: JUV 324.609 STEELE

One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote: All About Voting by Bonnie Worth. Location: JUV READER 324.6 WORTH

Running for Public Office by Sarah De Capua. Location: JUV 324.7 DECA

A Timeline of Presidential Elections by Barbara Krasner. Location: JUV 324.973 KRASNER

Winners and Losers: How Elections Work in America by Jules Archer. Location: YOUNG ADULT 324.973 ARCHER


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