Analyze Your Body Composition @ the Library

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Register today for a new program at the Abington Community Library introducing InBody570: The Body Composition Analysis (fees apply, see below). Join us on Saturday, January 12th, between 11AM-2PM to learn all about your body:

-Percent Body Fat (gauge your health!)

-Segmental Lean Analysis (how much muscle do you have?)

-Segmental Fat Analysis (how is your body fat mass distributed?)

-Body Water Analysis (are you dehydrated?)

-Visceral Fat Level (fat content surrounding your organs?)

-Basal Metabolic Rate (optimal amount of calories to maintain/lose/gain?)

-Body Composition History (start keeping track now!)

All of this analysis, plus a ten-minute consultation discussing your results, for $20.

For more information, contact Altitude Nutrition & Exercise Consulting: 570-445-8565. Call and register at the Library: 570-587-3440.

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