Adult Education Tutoring Available

Tutor.Com Helps You Prepare for Tests

If you are you an adult returning to school, working towards a GED or refreshing your skills for work, you can get help on our website with anonymous, online tutoring in over 40 subjects. And you can work from the privacy of your own home or anywhere you have an internet connection.

Visit and click on the link for  Enter your library card to get started.

Expert tutors can help you on anything from learning how to add fractions to understanding your college-level statistics class. You can choose to connect with a tutor right away or use one of the other great features of the service including Drop-Off Reviews of writing assignments or math questions, practice quizzes to help study for an exam plus online resources from the SkillsCenter Resource Library.

If you’re nervous about starting and would like a demonstration, visit any Lackawanna County library and ask a librarian. An online tutor at can also provide a tour of the service.

A PA Forward initiative promoting Basic Literacy

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