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What can you do for books when the library is closed? If you have a mobile phone or tablet, you carry a library in your purse or pocket – a library with millions of choices that you can read on your device, if you have a Library Card.

And, if you enjoy reading a good book, discover the pleasure of listening to someone read a good book to you using the same device. Your Library Card can make that happen, too.

OverDrive, RB Digital and Tumblebooks are the Lackawanna County Library System’s suppliers of eBooks and audiobooks. Together they have millions of titles including best sellers, fiction, non-fiction, classics and children’s literature.

Visit OverDrive, RB Digital and Tumblebooksto find the kinds of books you like, the authors you read, and sample new titles that you might enjoy.

Like everything at the Library, OverDrive, RB Digital and Tumblebooksare free. You can use them on any device. All you need is a Library Card.

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