Lexivore Podcast Episode 18 – Mystery

In the 18th episode of Lexivore, the last of this year, Megha and Renee cover the mystery genre, including talking about the books from authors from various styles of mystery like cozy mysteries, or suspense, intricately written ones and a few darker, crime-novel style mysteries.

We include some widely read authors, like Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark, and some that are a bit less well known. We also cover some YA mystery series and even a few well read children’s mysteries like Boxcar Children and Encyclopedia Brown, stories that we read when we were younger and that are still read today,

We also briefly discuss what might draw us to the mystery genre, or related genres like true crime. And there is a brief teaser included, for the episode beginning our next season, which will be Romance – get excited!


We hope you enjoy our podcast!  You can listen to it Here!


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