Big Library Read Begins April 5th

The next Big Library Read kicks off on April 5 with the ebook, The Art of Taking It Easy by Dr. Brian King.

In this brilliant guide, the author presents hands-on techniques for managing stress by rewiring our brains to approach potentially difficult situations through a lens of positivity. To do so, Dr. King explores what stress is, where it comes from, and what it does to our bodies and brains. He delves deep into how to address everyday stress—as well as anxiety, insecurities, repression, and negativity—and gives insight into resulting ailments such as anxiety disorders, depression, hypertension, obesity, substance abuse disorders, and more. Dr. King’s techniques are chemical and cost free, and embrace humor, resilience, relaxation, optimism, gratitude, and acceptance. Instead of a dry medical approach to dealing with stress, this unique volume is filled with life-changing tips and instructions presented with humor and a wealth of memorable, smile-inducing anecdotes.

Big Library Read is an international reading program that connects millions of readers around the world with an ebook through public libraries. The Art of Taking It Easy is the 24th selection of this program which began in 2013 and takes place three times per year. This free program runs for two weeks and only requires your library to get started.

From April 5 to 19, enjoy unlimited downloads on the Libby app of the e-book for FREE with your Lackawanna County Library System card.

Readers can also join an online discussion about the book at



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