About the Children’s Library


 The Scranton Public Library envisions a future in which everyone, regardless of age, background, circumstances, race, religion, ethnicity, education, orientation, or personal beliefs, has the means, through the library, to access, free-of-charge and without restriction, knowledge, and information needed to meet their aspirations and attain a sense of fulfillment.


The Scranton Public Library enhances our community by fostering and supporting individual aspirations toward life-long learning, entertainment, and self-fulfillment for all. This is accomplished through free access, wherever it is needed, to a broad collection of resources in currently-used formats, courteous and knowledgeable staff, and activities designed to satisfy the informational, educational, recreational, and personal needs of everyone in our ever-changing and diverse environment.

Values Statements

  • Encourages creative, diverse, and imaginative ideas and actions and facilitates the joy of learning by supplying tools of discovery and investigation;
  • Furnishes welcoming and inclusive physical and virtual spaces for the benefit of all;
  • Creates a supportive employment environment that fosters a professional, caring, dedicated, friendly, creative, and knowledgeable staff;
  • Provides the means to advance literacy, inclusiveness, and social awareness throughout the community thereby fulfilling John J. Albright’s vision of “the elevation of the people of all classes” and, by extension, of all generations, backgrounds, circumstances, races, religions, ethnic groups, orientations, and beliefs;
  • Partners with community agencies, organizations, institutions, and entities for the benefit of the community;
  • Values and respects patron privacy and confidentiality;
  • Supports intellectual freedom by demonstrating neutrality and lack of bias when allocating resources and curating content;
  • Collaborates with other cultural heritage organizations to preserve the history of all cultures in the area now known as Lackawanna County.


Current officers of the Board of Trustees of the Scranton Public Library are:
President: Dr. Kenneth Mayers
Vice President: Ms. Sharon Quinn
Treasurer/Secretary: Mr. Joseph X. Garvey

Mailing Address:
Board of Trustees
c/o Scranton Public Library, 500 Vine St,
Scranton PA 18509


Chief Executive Officer: Scott Thomas, 570-348-3013, sthomas@albright.org
Head of Children’s Services: Laureen O’Handley, 570-348-3000 ext. 3027, lohandley@albright.org


The Children’s Library is located in what was for many years, the Christian Science Church. The church was acquired by the Lackawanna County Library System in 1985. Following extensive interior renovations, the church reopened in 1987 as the Lackawanna County Children’s Library.

Book Donations

We happily accept your gently used books.  Larger donations can be dropped off at the Albright Memorial Library Building. Please call 570-348-3000 ext. 3022 to schedule a drop-off.

We do not accept:

  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines
  • Readers Digest Abridged Books
  • Damaged or Moldy Materials

Employment Application

Online Application for the Scranton Public Library
Printable Application for the Scranton Public Library

Patron Behavior Policy

Welcome to the Lackawanna County Children’s Library

We look forward to providing you with the best library service possible. In return, we ask only that you treat the Library, its contents, the staff, and other patrons with respect. Failure to do so may result in denial of service, suspension of privileges, or expulsion.

Please observe the following rules of behavior:

  • Any acts or conduct in violation of federal, state, or local laws, ordinances, or regulations.
  • Obstructing access to any part of the library facility or grounds. This includes bringing in personal items (e.g.; knapsacks, duffel bags, etc.) that may be a hazard, take up an excessive amount of space, or impede library use.
  • Sleeping.
  • Possession of weapons except those possessed by on-duty law enforcement personnel.
  • Creating a disturbance that would prevent others from enjoying the library and its resources.
  • Bringing alcohol and/or other drugs onto the premises.
  • Smoking, vaping, and other forms of tobacco use.
  • Consuming food. Beverages in covered containers are permitted in designated areas only.
  • Use of obscene language.
  • Petitioning, soliciting, or selling merchandise or services.
  • Bringing in animals unless they are a service animal as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Bathing, shaving, or washing of clothes.
  • Filming or photographing without permission from library staff.

In addition, we would like to make you aware of the following:

  • Visitors whose bodily hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other persons may be required to leave premises.
  • Personal items left unattended are subject to removal and disposal.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.

Procedures for Violations:

  • A visitor who fails to rectify behavior after two verbal warnings by a staff member may face expulsion which would be in effect for the remainder of the business day.
  • A visitor who repeatedly violates this policy or violates it in a way that threatens the safety of staff and other visitors may have their access suspended for a period of time determined by the CEO.
  • Visitors whose access has been suspended may appeal to the SPL Board of Trustees.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees,  July 15, 2021

Printable Visitor Behavior Policy

Meeting Room Policy and Application

Due to COVID-19- we are currently not taking reservations at this time. 

Scranton Public Library meeting rooms are available free-of-charge for community organizations and governmental entities engaged in educational, cultural, charitable, civic, religious, or political activities. The library may opt to impose fees for use by businesses and for private events.

  • Use of the Room does not constitute endorsement of viewpoints expressed by the program or participants in the program.  No advertising or announcement implying such endorsement will be permitted.  All advertisements, mailings, and postings must include the disclaimer, “This event is not endorsed by or sponsored by the Scranton Public Library.
  •  The Library is a smoke-free environment.  Smoking/vaping is permitted only outside of the gated area.
  • Alcoholic beverages, light refreshments, and catering may be permitted following library-imposed guidelines and all applicable laws.
  • No admission fee for meetings or programs is permitted. Except for private parties, activities must not be closed to any person due to age, sex, race, religion, marital status, political affiliation, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any legally protected category.
  • The Responsible Party is responsible for the actions of each attendee. The Room should be left in the same condition and arrangement as it was found. Any damage resulting from Room usage, as a result, will result in the Responsible Party being billed for repairs and/or banned from future usages.
  • Meetings of individuals under 18 years of age must have an adult sponsor present and remain present throughout the length of the program.
  • The use of the library’s address as an official address of an organization is prohibited.
  • The Responsible Party and attendees agree to hold the Library harmless from any liability for any damages, claims, or incidents that may arise.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for private property brought onto the premises.
  • Interested parties must submit a Reservation Form no later than 1 month in advance to ensure availability on the desired date and execute a Usage Agreement with the Scranton Public Library.
  • The library reserves the right to cancel an event at any time if the event causes or has the potential to cause disruption to library patrons, interference with library functions, or endangerment of staff or patrons. In addition, the library reserves the right to cancel or prematurely end a program if the responsible parties are found to be in violation of the library’s policies and its Rule of Conduct or if fire and safety regulations are being violated.
  • Responsible Party may be requested to provide proof of insurance.
  • Any disagreement between the Responsible Party and the Scranton Public Library will be addressed pursuant to the Scranton Public Library’s Library Resource Challenge procedure.


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