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Outreach Collection


Who qualifies?  Any non-profit organization, governmental entity, or educational institution.


Collections Include Your Choice Of:

  • Books (including best-selling authors, children’s, young adult, biographies, self-help, cooking and more in regular print and large print)

  • Talking Books (books on CD) and Playaways

  • Music CDs

  • DVDs and Blu-Rays (feature and non-feature films)

  • Board Games and Jigsaw Puzzles


Sign up below to start receiving collections every 8 weeks!

Before we begin this service, there are two forms that need to be filled out.  The first is an agreement
form and the second is the selection form for the types of materials and how many you would like to receive.


For more information:  

PHONE: 570-348-3000 EXT. 3035    EMAIL: cruise@albright.org

Outreach Collection Agreement Form

Facility Coordinator:

Contact person for this collection.

Outreach Collection Rules:

1. Your agency card is only valid at the Scranton Public Library. 2. All materials must be returned the week they are due back. Materials may not be renewed for an additional load period. Failure to return materials will result in a bill for the materials and a suspension of service. 3. The average time of loan will be eight (8) weeks. Includes delivery and pick-up. 4. Delivery collections must be ready for pick up at a designated location for library staff. 5. The agency shall assume the responsibility for any lost or damaged items charged to it in the collection loaned. 6. The agency shall have a system in place knowing who is checking out materials to aid in getting the material back. 7. To qualify for delivery of a collection, the collection must consist of 25 or more items. Collections with less than 25 items can be picked-up and returned at the Scranton Public Library via curbside service.
By checking the agree box above, I apply for the right to use the library, and agree to comply with its rules, listed above, and to report any changes in information on this form.

Outreach Collection Selection Form

Please indicate in each desired category, what genre, and how many you would like in each collection.
Children and Young Adult Material:
Adult Regular Print Books:
Adult Large Print:
Adult Audio Books on CD:
Music CDs:
Jigsaw Puzzles: Young Adult and Adult only.
Boardgames: Young Adult and Adult only.
Thank you! We will be in touch.







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